“Rendez-vous with Contemporary Art and the Heritage of the Old Lyon, 2018-2019”
Dissemination-promotion on the Internet of the project carried out by the pupils of the Fulchiron and Gerson elementary schools of the Old Lyon
on the occasion of the Lyon 2019 Biennale


Fulchiron School, seven creations of year 5 pupils,
Opening of 13-09-2019
Gerson School, fourteen creations of year 5 and 6 pupils,
Opening of 13-09-2019
Fulchiron and Gerson Schools,
twenty-one creations of year 5 and 6 pupils, opening of 13-09-2019 :
download the description of the twenty-one creations (pdf document)
Fulchiron et Gerson Schools, pupils creating,
May-June 2019


Four video reports on the 2018-2019 project
Report France-3 TV Lyon,
Guided tour of Old Lyon by the students,
Report France-3 TV Lyon,
In progress creations in schools,
Video summary of the project with the Fulchiron and Gerson schools,
Rendez-vous with contemporary art and heritage in Vieux-Lyon (2018-2019):
opening 21 creations of year 5 and 6 pupils from Fulchiron and Gerson schools,
September 13, 2019 in Old Lyon, Annex Town Hall